Day 12


Day 12- Seminyak/Amed/ Tulamben

5am head start from Seminyak to Amed which we estimated about 2-3 hours travel time to the northwest coast of Bali. Our driver was on a mission and got us there in a little over 2. It was similar to the road to Hana with its twists and turns, narrow driveways, honking, and overtaking.

A quick breakfast and brief scuba orientation and the next thing you know were stuffing our bodies in a size too small bodysuit. “Oh don’t worry it’s better once you get wet. You’ll be fine.” Yeah. Tell that to my thighs. Though I’d have to grease up to zip up. Then a weight belt. Then a vest with all the contraptions and I swear a 45 lb oxygen tank later were headed into the water.


But it was more than worth it. During our time down there I even contemplated getting certified. The instructors were very patient and very honest that your immediate instincts would be to surface.  But they really encouraged breathing and relaxation techniques to overcome that. The water was clearer than Thailand (but still not as nice as Hawaii) but the fish diversity and coral really made up for it. We couldn’t really take pictures since we needed to focus on breathing and swimming but it was so much fun. I was skeptical at first and then anxious and then excited.

After our day underwater and exploring the remains of the USS Liberty, which I was told didn’t have a super exciting combat story since it was a cargo ship. But it was beached due to damages sustained from a Japanese torpedo and later lost to sea because of activity from the nearby volcano, Mount Agung. Can I get a fact check? In any case, it was crowded with scuba divers checking out the ship and the fish and gaining underwater experience. We even saw a couple of turtles. So yeah, I’m now into scuba diving.

The drive back was much less exciting and much more crowded. Seriously, I though traffic was bad on Oahu  Balinese take it to a whole new level… 3 hours later and countless beep beeps later we arrived alive.


Shower and a taxi later we got to a fancy French restaurant (also note taksi are minimum 30,000 rupiah 🙄 which is close to nothing but still) . The kind that serves food in four bites and takes 30 min between courses. But hey, this is what we saved for!



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