No passport needed

Yokohama beach, Oahu -Hawaii


After a bit of traveling, you start to really appreciate the small things that home has to offer. For us in Hawaii, I can’t get over our (mostly) clean and beautiful beaches. The water is clear and blue and unbelievable sometimes.

DCIM102GOPROGOPR2297.JPGSeriously, you don’t even need a filter to bring out color. Our west side of Oahu looks this perfect. I have the sunburn to prove it.


You can literally swim with turtles!


I never though much of it growing up. Oh birthday, let’s have it at the beach. Oh 3 day weekend, let’s camp at the beach. Nothing to do, let’s go to the beach. I mean yeah, I live on an island but it really never occurred to me that people spend thousands of dollars and travel many miles to adore these beaches that we often take for granted.


Everyday I remind myself to be thankful.




Memorial Day

So we’re back in the states (just barely, we live in Hawaii, and many would argue the validity of Hawaii’s state status but I’ll save that for another day). I’m still out of sorts, beyond jet lagged but it’s Memorial Day here.


A day we set aside to recognize those who served in our armed forces and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Today I participated in the annual Lantern Floating ceremony at Ala Moana Beach Park. This is held on Memorial Day but the lanterns symbolize much more than our soldiers to encompass all lost loved ones. Ten of thousands of people gather together in remembrance of friends, family, and loved ones.


Our family came together to celebrate and remember my grandmother who passed away last year. As somber as this event was, I can’t help but focus on an altercation between two guys. Altercation is probably too strong of a word. I may not have witnessed the entire confrontation but a taller Caucasian man was visibly upset and yelling at a smaller stalky Asian man who looked more embarrassed at the scene than anything. My mom yelled ‘hey’ or something or another to break the tension and keep things focused on why we’re really here. It was a short disturbance and will probably slip most of our minds in the near future.


I’m hindsight though, I wish I had my mother’s instinct to speak up. It may not seem like much- with an estimated 50,000 people compacted into a little more than half a mile of shoreline- but I think sometimes it all we need. In the digital age of viral videos and our worst moments of humanity recorded and replayed, I think we lose ourselves in the pack. We lose ourselves, our voices, our morals, our guiding principles, and we become passive spectators. The beach was more than crowded. It was hectic, it was claustrophobic, and everyone was rushing to the water or trying to head out. At least fifty of us witnessed this and no one really said a thing.


It seemed clear that the taller man was out of line and causing a scene. The other man with his family no less was non-confrontational. But what if it had escalated? At what point would someone have stepped in? I couldn’t be prouder of my mother in that moment. She’s your typical Asian woman who probably would have gotten annihilated had she physically stepped in but I have no doubt that she would have. Sometimes all it takes is one person, one word, one small act to change a situation. I hope to do that one day.

She’ll probably want to kill me for posting this (she’s one of the handful of my followers) so thank you for sparing me mother. But I just wanted you and whoever else is reading this to know that not all heroes are men and women in uniform or commit huge acts of bravery or sacrifice. Yes, we honor them on this Memorial Day but if it’s not too much I’d like us to recognize the living heroes too and that includes you.

$3 upgrade

IMG_4906.JPGDo you want to know how to get the most bang for your buck when flying? No I don’t suggest first class but if you do have an extra 1k lying around by all means go for it. But honestly, honestly, $3 can improve your flying experience tenfold. Go out of your way before you flight and buy yourself a pack oreos, a box of chocolates, or any small token of appreciation for your flight crew aka your flight attendants. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy but I promise you it will change your life. They will make the difference between you having an extra soff to having extra comfort. But don’t take this the wrong way- I’m not saying a small snack will solve all the problems with flying, I’m just saying it will go a long way. Treat your crew with compassion and respect they will similarly take care of you. Say please and thank you and most importantly don’t touch anything you don’t have to in the bathroom it really is a disgusting place.

Hi, my name’s Amara

The first time I was laid off, I had seen it coming. I worked for a small archaeological company and wasn’t even one year in. They were honest and upfront that work was slowing down and that they really didn’t have the means to keep me busy. I understood that but it didn’t make it hurt any less. And that was my first taste of unemployment. Shortly after that I thought I had snagged a pretty stable job at another larger archaeological company. But that didn’t last long either. By some miracle I stopped the crying and found myself another opportunity. I knew it was a chance but I am a gambling woman… fast forward another year and a half and I find myself unemployed, a little lost but mostly happy. So for now, I’m traveling a bit and finding my way.