Day 15

Day 15- Ubud


Our last day we treated ourselves to a half day at Karsa Spa. Once we arrived we knew we should have booked a full day of pampering. Thailand had massage parlors every 100 feet and overall had better masseuses than Bali but this place was amazing. They kept everything very professional and were well organized. We picked our oils and scrubs and led to private rooms.


We started full body massage. I chose lavender oil but it was faint. Next was a coffee scrub (the other scrubs were somewhat spicy smelling). And followed up with a white clay and honey body mask. We were given some time to shower and bathe and meet back outside.

I had a hair mask next. I asked what the mask consisted of but I was told ‘cream’ and another explained she wasn’t sure because they bought it like that. It was sweet smelling and for all I know she was massaging my head with Pantene for half an hour. Fine by me though because it was so relaxing.


Then we wrapped up with a foot massage, scrub, pedicure. We did run a little over on time but no complaints here.

Lots of traffic later we arrived at the airport. A quick bite to eat and lots of waiting waiting waiting. Asia Air you’re cheap but you overcharge on everything else… like seat upgrades, meals, and baggage. Also, I think it’s often you’re running 30 min late. Stop off in Malaysia again and on to Incheon. Here we go…..


Day 7.5

Day 7.5

Along with the running around, we also changed hotels to Aonang Fiore Resort. There’s villas or bungalows sporadically placed over 70 acres, or so the brochure boasts. The landscape is very hilly, so hilly that they actually have little trucks as shuttles to take you to your suite and/or back to the front desk. It’s what I imagine going to Kamehameha Schools is like. Stairs on stairs on stairs. There’s signs promoting the “healthy walkway” 😂 Its a nice brisk walk down but definitely need that ride up. The employees here are so helpful though, they’re quick to guide you through the gardens or happy to drive you.

Similar to the bell desk at our previous hotel only they don’t take your bag ticket and toss it over the bridge. I kid you not, they tossed the paper over the bridge like it was a trash can. It’s a crazy sight to see and it’s not a singular instance! Kids eating snacks throwing the wrappers out the window. It interesting to see that environment safety isn’t important. You can even see them making and washing concrete out on the sidewalk. Teens in slippers using power tools to help uncle out with the shop remodel. Lots of construction wherever you go. New roads, water lines, sidewalks, etc… I’ll take more pics to share later!

Day 6

IMG_5619IMG_5624IMG_5627Day 6- Ao Nang

It’s a good thing we canceled our tour because it’s coming down hard. Rain, rain, and more rain. I take it as a sign to sit back, relax, and enjoy this king sized bed. Just kidding, rain means massage time.

I feel like I’m promoting indentured servitude but $5 foot massages after a long day is sooooo good. But be prepared. I’d say look ahead of time for a reputable spa because if they catch you looking at their services menu, you’re like a fly in a sticky trap. You don’t stand a chance. You thought those skin care guys and people selling hair extensions were aggressive at the mall think again. These ladies hustle.

We decided on a coffee body scrub, milk massage, and facial. A two hour service for 1000 baht (less than $30 USD). I can only imagine this is what it would be like to be a celebrity. Literally, these women scrub you down head to toe. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever washed myself this good. So my suggestion would be take some body confidence classes and don’t be afraid because they will see you naked.

At first I thought she was calling me fat grabbing my arm and my thigh and saying something in Thai. About 20 minutes later I was sure she was calling me fat because she was massaging my belly and saying “Eat! Eat! Eat!” I couldn’t help but laugh. She said it like how your grandma tells you to watch your weight while she packs you a gallon ziplock of beef stew.

Michael on the other hand, was getting compliments like “oh, army?” “beautiful skin” “six pack” and “so handsome.”  I’m like he’s not paying, you can quit it Paula.

After some body shaming, we went back to the hotel for a nap and dinner at Jenna’s. Tomorrows all about the sights so an early night for us 😉

Day 4

IMG_5233.JPGTuesday’s are rest days. After Michael succumbed to the sickness, we were all very weary about any type of Thai food. So instead we opted for McDonald’s breakfast. I know. So American. But instead of teens with attitude we got teens with customer service. I ordered an egg mcmuffin and they forgot the ham or bacon as they like to call it. I showed the cashier my sandwich and she looked horrified. She took it back quickly ran, and I mean ran, back to the kitchen and then back to me telling me she’ll bring it to the table. I like the effort but does it look like I’m starving? 😂 Relax!

After breakfast we went to Fah Lanna’s for a massage which boasted an almost perfect score on trip advisor. It was aight. Just kidding, I was putty. I think these ladies are part time masseuse part time rock climbers because their grip strength is not of this world.

Pretty uneventful day considering but nice nonetheless. Headed to the airport to head south. Be back soon…