No passport needed

Yokohama beach, Oahu -Hawaii


After a bit of traveling, you start to really appreciate the small things that home has to offer. For us in Hawaii, I can’t get over our (mostly) clean and beautiful beaches. The water is clear and blue and unbelievable sometimes.

DCIM102GOPROGOPR2297.JPGSeriously, you don’t even need a filter to bring out color. Our west side of Oahu looks this perfect. I have the sunburn to prove it.


You can literally swim with turtles!


I never though much of it growing up. Oh birthday, let’s have it at the beach. Oh 3 day weekend, let’s camp at the beach. Nothing to do, let’s go to the beach. I mean yeah, I live on an island but it really never occurred to me that people spend thousands of dollars and travel many miles to adore these beaches that we often take for granted.


Everyday I remind myself to be thankful.




Day 15

Day 15- Ubud


Our last day we treated ourselves to a half day at Karsa Spa. Once we arrived we knew we should have booked a full day of pampering. Thailand had massage parlors every 100 feet and overall had better masseuses than Bali but this place was amazing. They kept everything very professional and were well organized. We picked our oils and scrubs and led to private rooms.


We started full body massage. I chose lavender oil but it was faint. Next was a coffee scrub (the other scrubs were somewhat spicy smelling). And followed up with a white clay and honey body mask. We were given some time to shower and bathe and meet back outside.

I had a hair mask next. I asked what the mask consisted of but I was told ‘cream’ and another explained she wasn’t sure because they bought it like that. It was sweet smelling and for all I know she was massaging my head with Pantene for half an hour. Fine by me though because it was so relaxing.


Then we wrapped up with a foot massage, scrub, pedicure. We did run a little over on time but no complaints here.

Lots of traffic later we arrived at the airport. A quick bite to eat and lots of waiting waiting waiting. Asia Air you’re cheap but you overcharge on everything else… like seat upgrades, meals, and baggage. Also, I think it’s often you’re running 30 min late. Stop off in Malaysia again and on to Incheon. Here we go…..